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So, you've completed the Gold Coast Marathon - congratulations! Although race day has been and gone, your mind and body are still in recovery. Here's our checklist of how you can assist this process.

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Monthly newsletter  - JULY  2018

Welcome, July! It's a huge month in the Allied Health world, with 9-14 July marking National Diabetes Week and National Pain Week running from 23-29 July. As part of our pain series, last month we looked at chronic vs. acute pain and this month we've explored headaches, as well as sciatica vs. leg pain.  ​With the explosion of Crossfit around the globe, we've put the spotlight on the common complaint - shoulder bursitis. And while we're on the topic of sport and exercise, we're talking about exercise prescription and why this is such an important part of osteopathic treatment. Finally, we've put together a post-Gold Coast Marathon checklist for your best recovery. See you next month! 


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Although osteopathy is a manual therapy, with hands-on techniques, movement is also a core feature. Osteopaths will often use movement - exercise prescription - as part of their treatment plan. 

Exercise has known benefits for helping the body and the mind and osteopathy recognises it's value in recovery, management of illness and injury and maintenance of wellbeing. So, how does it work?  

Crossfit creates fitness like nothing else and offers a complexity and variation that makes it super popular. But, what about those shoulders?   
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Mighty movement: why osteopaths use exercise prescription 

Gold Coast Marathon Recovery 

Have you heard of a cervicongenic headache? It stems from the neck and it could be affecting you! 
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Shooting pain in the leg? Gets worse when sitting or standing or twisting through the back? You might be experiencing sciatica. Find out how to recognise this common complaint and how osteopathy can help .

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A cross to bear: Shoulder bursitis in Crossfit 

Pain, pain: go away


What a headache! 

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